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Surprise guest at The Christmas Is Here! Tour at the Beacon Theatre SOLD OUT


Most Promising Actress (2016)

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (2017)

State Superior Duet Musical (2017)

All District Cast Best Female Actress (2017)

All-State Honor Choir (2017)

Winning Superior 1 rating Duet Singing - National Thespian Conference - Chosen to sing onstage out of District (2017)

Winning Superior 1 rating Solo - National Thespian Conference (2018)

Winning Superior 1 rating Solo - International Thespian Conference (2018)

Dance Training Experience

the ICONIC Lindsey and Craig 

Jamaica Craft - Artist Developer, Creative Comsultant and Director of Choreography-EMPIRE, Ciara, Neyo, Usher, and more

Starlighter's School of Dance

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Motion Playlist

Hip Hop, Freestyle, Choreography

Joey Morgan

Hip Hop, Freestyle, Robotics, Animation, Popping and Locking, footwork, Tutting

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20 - year-old beatboxer/alto from Springfield, Missouri grew up singing in church and becoming heavily involved in theatre, then soon found a love for acapella and vocal percussion and studied all genres of music and dance to become as knowledgeable about her craft as she is today. She was accepted into Acapella Academy and became a part of Citizen Queen in 2018. Soon after she was signed alongside Citizen Queen to RCA and opened for Pentatonix on their World Tour. "Music is like a story. And I'm proud to say that storytelling is my day job. I believe it's important to listen and study all forms of music and pick out a piece from every genre to learn from. I try to listen to a new song every day and practice singing and vocal percussion at least 30 minutes a day each to sharpen my craft. You can always get better and you can always learn something new about the art you haven't before." - Cora Isabel. 

Height: 5”3

Hair Color: Originally brunette - currently blue.

Eyes Color: Green/Brown


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me

Vocal Percussion Training

Accepted into the prestigious acappella school known as Acapella Academy founded by grammy winners Avi Kaplin and Ben Bram. She has also trained under 7 time world beatbox champion "KRYNFX" as well as collaborated with Swiss Beatbox's own Dnice, Pentatonix's Kevin Olusola, and done video training lessons with world famous Swiss Beatboxer Alem.

Voice Training

Currently training under "Legendary Vocal Expert" Dave Stroud. Dave has been named one of the world’s leading vocal coaches, working with artists such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Temberlake, and even Michael Jackson.

Faith Morgan - 2015-2017

Vivian Helwig - 2015-2019

Conservatory of the Ozarks - 2016

Nathan Cornelius - 2016-2018

Jamond McCoy - 2018

Sellama K'adist - 2018

Theatre Experience



Peter Pan Jr

Tiger Lily - KHS 2015

Fiddler On The Roof

Bielke - KHS 2016

Lion King Jr

Chorus/Ensemble - KHS 2017

Disney's Tarzan

Terk -  KHS 2017

While The Lights Were Out

Bibi Cavendish - KHS 2017

Les Misérables 

Fantine - KHS 2018

Vacancy in Paradise 

Claire Danby - KHS 2018

Readers Theatre:


Flatnose - KHS 2017


Audio - KHS 2017-2018

Short Films:

Stella - Radix Productions 2018

Ariel - Radix Productions 2018

Technical Work:

Disney's Tarzan the Musical

-Costume design/videographer - KHS 2017

Disney's The Little Mermaid

-Makeup/videographer - KHS 2017

While The Lights Were Out

-Videographer - KHS 2017

Les Misérables

-Scenic Design/videographer - KHS 2017

Legally Blonde Jr.

-Head Choreographer/Costume design/

videographer - KHS 2017 - 2018

Vacancy in Paradise

-Scenic Design/videographer - KHS 2018

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