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Cora Isabel

Cora Isabel is the vocal percussionist in the girl group Citizen Queen. 

Citizen Queen

Signed to RCA Records the members are Cora Isabel (Beatboxer, 20), Hannah Mrozak (Mezzo-Soprano, 22), Kaedi Dalley (Bass, 20, Kaylah Sharve' (Alto, 22) and Nina Nelson (Soprano, 22). Citizen Queen has racked up hundreds of thousands of streams, millions of views on YouTube, toured the country with Pentatonix, and received praise from the likes of everyone from Ariana Grande to Meghan Trainor. Citizen Queen was co-created by Scott Hoying, a member of the Grammy Award-winning a cappella group Pentatonix, as well as vocal arrangers and producers Ben Bram and Shams Ahmed. 

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